The Kishon River Authority was founded in 1994 by the Ministry of Environmental Protection according to the Rivers and Springs Law (1965) and the Rivers and Springs Authority (Kishon River Authority) directive 1994, in order to implement a comprehensive cleanup project: prevention of water pollution, hazard removal, arranging water sources, preservation of landscape and creation of recreational areas. All this was done after recognizing the importance of turning the river from a problem to a solution and recreating it as a public asset.

Authority members include government offices, municipalities, factories, land owners, corporations and public organizations.


The main objectives of the Kishon river cleanup:

  • Termination of the river pollution.
  • Quality water addition, according to the river restoration principles.
  • Cleaning and treating the polluted river floor.
  • Restoration and preservation of habitats, including restoring lost species to the river and river banks.
  • Turning the river canyon to the green lung of the Haifa metropolitan area.
  • Developing recreational parks on the river banks.
  • Improving land value and creating economic activities that will develop the area.
  • Changing the public image of the river and its surroundings.